What Kind of Nuts are Best?

When it comes to getting a healthy diet, it is important to have dietary fat. The kind of fat that you might hear discussed in popular health television shows is not really something that you have to worry about that much. More often than not, people who are trying to improve their general health don’t realize that the type of fat they consume matters. They also don’t know where to get it.

Some people think that nuts are a healthy source of protein without eating animals, but in reality nuts have more fat than anything. A vegan or vegetarian trying to eat nuts for protein is going to be woefully under nourished! In any case, once you start finding nuts as a source of your fat, you probably want to figure out the best ones.

nutsWalnuts are often considered one of the best types of nuts because they are not only filled with fat, it is a healthy omega-3 fatty acid. While it is not the same kind of omega-3s that you might find (and need) in fish, it is still omega-3 which helps to prevent imbalance that is so often the case in American households.

In addition to walnuts, there are almonds, which are probably one of the most popular. You can find almond butter and a variety of other products with almond flour. This is the most readily available nut that you’ll find, but they are also somewhat hard on the stomach if you are sensitive.

The most popular option for nuts, which is ironic given it isn’t a nut, is the peanut. It is actually a legume, which is a bean. It is not nearly as healthy as the other nuts for most people because it is in a completely different family (which can be problematic or allergens). Keep this in mind and get the right nuts for you.